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MWACA Chapter Training

At MWACA, we passionately believe that ongoing education is key to success in the automotive service industry. That’s why we offer an exciting array of training opportunities tailored to our members’ needs, covering everything from shop management and service advisor training to customer service, marketing, diagnostics, and air conditioning systems.

Our expert trainers and industry leaders provide top-notch instruction that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Discover how MWACA’s dynamic training programs can help you excel and thrive in your automotive service career!

Training Topics Include:

Chapter Meetings

MWACA’s chapter meetings are the heartbeat of our community, offering localized trainings, webinars, and educational resources catered to the specific needs of each chapter’s members. These gatherings prioritize member feedback, ensuring that every session is directly beneficial and relevant.

Join us and experience the power of community-driven learning firsthand.

Chapter Events

MWACA’s chapter events are where the fun happens in our chapter communities. From holiday parties to family picnics and baseball games, these gatherings offer members a chance to socialize and support their chapter in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Join us and be part of the warm and friendly community spirit at MWACA’s next event!



Don't miss out on one of the industry's premier automotive training and expo events!

VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo provides you with the opportunity to learn and network with leading shop owners, managers and technicians. In 2024, over 3,800 automotive service professionals from across the world attended! Choose from over 100 cutting-edge management and technical training courses, including live-car and hands-on training classes. Attend and explore our 60,000 square-foot exhibit hall!

Mentor Program

MWACA’s Mentor Program connects you with experienced shop owners for guidance to elevate your business. From overcoming challenges to strategic advice, our mentors are here to help. Start maximizing your business potential.

SOS Groups

MWACA’s SOS Groups are your personal advisory board for business success, where monthly meetings offer a platform to discuss issues, set goals, and receive feedback. Take the first steps towards becoming a better owner/manager today.

Career Panels

Join MWACA’s Career Panel events, where students connect with local shop owners and managers, discussing essential hiring skills. Shape the next generation of automotive professionals. Get involved and make a difference today!


Upcoming MWACA Events

Upcoming MWACA Events

MWACA’s chapter gatherings are the heartbeat of our community, offering a diverse range of experiences for our members such as:

  • Localized Trainings + Webinars.
  • Educational Resources at Chapter Meetings.
  • Vibrant Social Events such as holiday parties, picnics, baseball games.


Each gathering caters to the specific needs and interests of each chapter member.

Join us for upcoming gatherings and be part of the camaraderie and support that define MWACA’s chapter communities!