The blog entry below was written while our organization was operating as ASA-Midwest. Effective September 14, 2018, ASA-Midwest became the Midwest Auto Care Alliance.

“If you want great training, don’t wait for it to come to you, you need to go out looking for it. I have some great trainers that I really like, and I will buy plane tickets and fly to them when they have a great class that I want, or think that I need.”   Albin Moore

It’s the beginning of August, and I am overwhelmed! I am trying to schedule some late summer/early fall training along with some time to network, and it is hard to decide what to do and when to do it. Of course my staff and I will be ready for all 4 days of VISION in March. I’ve already missed NACE/Automechanika, ASA Arizona’s June training, ASA Colorado’s January Summit, but there is a lot more training coming up. I actually had to print out five months of blank calendar pages, and X off all the days that are already taken. My staff has been with me for decades, so they have lots of vacation days already spoken for. Their vacations get crossed off of my possible days first. Next I cross out any personal days that I’ve put aside: Any activities with my lovely wife, doctor appointments, ASA chapter meetings, etc. With that done, I fill in the days when there are conferences scheduled. Here is when it gets difficult. Which of the venues will offer the best payback? Remember, this is “get on an airplane” training. We already have great local and regional live training available, including the LMS (learning management system) of both ASA-Midwest and AMI.

Here is a partial list of my possible choices:

ASA Midwest Leadership Summit & VISION planning meeting (Although technically not a true training event, I will learn a bunch and be able to spend plenty of time with my fantastic peers)

CAN Conference in Chicago

Ratchet + Wrench Conference

ASA Pennsylvania “Super Saturday”


ASTE in Raleigh

As you can see, there is no lack of quality training, although like Albin says, sometimes you just have to “buy a ticket and get on a plane” to get the training you want. I hope I’ll see you at one of these events.


President of MWACA (formerly ASA-Midwest)
Owner of S&S Service Center