I’m a little late getting this message out, as business at the shop has been great, and a little deal called MWACA has been monopolizing much of my free time. I am tremendously excited about the new Midwest Auto Care Alliance and the programs we will have to increase membership value.

Sheri has literally hit the road lately, hosting MWACA informational meetings for each chapter to let our existing members know exactly what is happening with the changeover from ASA Midwest to MWACA. I was privileged to accompany her to several of the meetings. James Copeland and Tim Davison filled in for me at meetings I wasn’t able to attend, and we had board members present at every meeting. It is apparent that members and potential members are excited about our new association and the value they will receive from it. We have had 100% of the people that attended the meetings sign up to become MWACA members. We have even started a waiting list for people who are not currently ASA-Midwest members but want to join MWACA on September 14.

Another ray of sunshine is the support of industry vendors, large and small, wanting to partner with us and support our efforts. Several new benefit programs have been offered and discussed, some that could turn traditional programs upside down. Stay tuned for more information.

VISION appears to be heading toward record training and expo participation in 2019. Many of those wanting to support MWACA are also doing so by supporting VISION. The VISION committee will meet September 7 to start discussions about management and technical training, and all of the other functions that keep VISION at the top of the must-attend annual convention list.

I hope you don’t quit reading when you get to this topic. As many of you know, I have a great interest in the success of our TTEF (Technicians of Tomorrow Educational Foundation). I hate to beg for contributions, so I’m going to make a commitment to add another $1,000 personal contribution, and I’m asking each of you to match as much of that as you can. I’m really excited about the Harvey Chan Memorial Scholarship fund, as it is the first (of many, I hope) that is getting up there where it will be self-sustaining. We need enough so that a safe investment of the principal will provide enough growth to fund the $1,000 scholarship annually. When we get Harvey’s scholarship going strong I’m going to start working on the Ed Schaeffer and the Dave Decourcey funds. Please, give till it hurts. This is a great way to help get some young people into our industry.

Thank you,


President of ASA-Midwest soon to be MWACA
Owner of S&S Service Center