By: MWACA President Tim Davison

WITHIN THE PAST FEW MONTHS I’ve noticed that many MWACA members’ and other shop owners’ worries are very different from what they used to be. Most shop owners’ concerns before 2020 dealt with topics like finding time for training, keeping up with new technologies, and acquiring technicians. Presently, the hot button is the shift in the parts supply chain. Owners’ concerns revolve around finding parts, getting parts promptly, the importance of the quality of products versus parts substitution, and retaining the techs they have.

Although these are understandable concerns, do not fret. These are all “top of mind” topics with your leaders of MWACA and the VISION team. Our mission is to help solve your problems and relieve the pains the independent shop owner may incur. As we work to help you with your concerns, we encourage you to attend this year’s VISION High-Tech Training & Expo in Kansas City, Missouri, March 2-5.

Although the supply chain and parts quality issues are not a quick or easy fix, if you’ve attended VISION in the past, you know that we bring parts vendors and manufacturing reps together so they can all talk one-on-one with our members and attendees. Questions can be addressed, concerns can be eased, and one can gain a new understanding of what is happening in the supply world.

To answer concerns regarding technicians, VISION offers multiple opportunities for owners and managers to network with like-minded, forward-thinking individuals and to listen to and engage with the industry’s premier educators. Many of these trainers still own shops and are involved with coaching shops, so they are very much in tune with new and innovative ways of retaining and taking care of shop staff. Owners can ensure they are “growing their own technicians” at VISION through the conference’s top-of-the-line technician training that focuses on the newest technologies.

Another way we are helping to “grow technicians” is through a new class being offered this year: the General Service Technician Academy. This class runs two full days and is an introductory-level course in which attendees will gain certifications from the Tire Industry Association (TIA), Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), and Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS). Even though this is an introductory course, I firmly believe that even a seasoned technician can learn a few new tips from this class.

In conclusion, I recommend that you attend VISION in March. VISION’s reputation for helping others answer their concerns continues to draw technicians from multiple states and countries to attend our Expo. MWACA and VISION leaders care about the success of individuals in the automotive industry, and by attending VISION, we can help you become a better you.

MWACA President