On October 3, 2022 Ron Reiling (AASP-MO Executive Director prior to its folding into MWACA membership, current MWACA Lobbyist and St. Louis Liaison) was invited to the MO State Highway Patrol GHQ for a presentation on the effectiveness of Motor Vehicle Inspection programs in correlation to fatalities from mechanical failure. It was presented that a 2018 Center for Transportation Research study from the University of Texas at Austin shows that states with MVI programs have a 5.5% reduction of fatalities due to mechanical failures over states that do not have MVI programs, who have a 2:1 higher fatality rate from mechanical failures. This study further substantiated a 2015 study by Carnegie Mellon University.

The argument that we hear all the time from legislators is that today’s vehicles are safer than ever. This is true with ADAS systems and crash prevention. However, the MVI program inspects the components that deteriorate from wear and driving in general. Today’s systems do not have the ability to monitor these components.

“It was encouraging to see that the MSHP values MWACA as an industry leader and they are thankful for our participation,” says Reiling.