If this summer is like the last two, it will be hotter than two hamsters in a sock which means cars and trucks will begin pouring into your shop with loads of hours just waiting to be flagged.

And the nerve! Your Techs and Service Advisors too will want to take their vacations during this busy windfall period.

Time to “Man and Woman Up” for the busy season.

With that in mind, after fulfilling employer’s positions for 21 years, this is the most common question we still get: “Joe, how long will it take to fill my Technician position?”

ANSWER – It will depend on these 3 items, AND in this order:

  1. How attractive your offer is – In an unemployment environment of 3%, there is NO such thing as an unemployed Technician, ONLY UNDER EMPLOYED TECHNICIANS. That means simply, if you are offering the same pay, career growth and conditions that they currently have, why would they apply to yours? See our workshop for insight on making YOUR offer attractive
  2. How pro-actively YOU use our system – Nowadays you MUST reach out to each candidate that would be qualified and pro-actively pursue them. That means you need to reach out to them by: 1- phone call, 2- email and 3- text. And here is the part you will like about as much as fire ants, you MUST try what we call the “3X3”, meaning all 3 methods at least 3 times before you give up! Yes, I know most of you would rather have a “poke-in-the-eye” than do this, however all large corporations and professional recruiters know this is the workforce we have today.
  3. How quickly do you get back with them – When a candidate DOES respond, it is a matter of hours not days that you have to get back to them. In over 21 years at ACT Auto/Truck/Tire/Collision Staffing, still the most common complaint we hear from candidates is: I called the employer and left a message, I emailed the employer my resume …. and no one ever contacted me back!

So, there are plenty of candidates out there, but you MUST get fired up, not give up!

And if you say, “I’m NOT putting out that kind of effort!’ Reality: If you don’t show today’s candidates hard core attempts that you really want to visit with them, someone will!

Let’s get you on-board today posting your opportunities to auto/truck/tire/collision experienced candidates, as well as viewing resumes with REAL auto/truck/tire/collision experience.

Joe Henry
ACT Auto Staffing | Owner

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