By: MWACA President Tim Davison

WE CAN ALL AGREE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN POST-2020 is a little different to navigate than before. Several things have changed, some for the better, some questionable.

One thing that did not recover was the workforce. No, this is not a workforce shortage rant. It is a letter of realization that the good employees working in MWACA or ACA shops deserve the best the company can offer them. After all, they show up to work, right? They deserve vacation time, health care benefits, a retirement plan, and more. As employers, we care and want happy, healthy employees that enjoy coming to work. It makes for satisfied customers and less turnover on both.

Part of belonging to the Auto Care Alliance gives you power in numbers. Able to compete in the world of big OEM dealers with multiple stores and all the benefits they offer to gain and retain good help. Picking one of the newest ACA benefits is our EAP program. I hope you have heard of the EAP program introduced in late October 2022.

This is a cool-y cool, low-cost, big bang-for-the-buck benefit to offer your staff. It came about during one of our monthly leadership meetings. It was mentioned that we need a service to help employees navigate life’s uncertain circumstances.

Things like:

  • Mental Health Counseling | Life Coaching
  • Financial Consultation | Legal Consultation
  • Work-Life Resource and Referrals
  • Medical Advocacy | Personal Assistant
  • Member Portal and Mobile App
  • You can access services by Phone, Live Chat, Member
  • Portal, and Mobile App

Paraphrasing an infomercial, “but wait, there is more!” The employee assistance program covers the employee and their household.

The point I am trying to make is: we work hard to help our members compete in business, and this is one program of many that can help everyone at the shop.

MWACA President