Wow, what a crazy year so far. Pandemic, civil restlessness, toilet paper shortages, land hurricane (aka derecho), killer hornets, elections, and a meteorite headed towards earth! Whatever happened to the hornets & meteorite? (nevermind…I didn’t ask that question!) I feel most of us are just ready for this year to be over.

Well, I hate to remind you that 2020 is not over yet. But I think we can all agree that we have much to be thankful for even in 2020. Freedom, faith, family and friends, to just name a few. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we have and show appreciation to those that and around us and support us, whether it be personally or professionally.

I challenge you to take time this season to express your appreciation to your customers, your employees, and your family. I urge you to not issue a simple token “thank you”, but genuinely express your appreciation. That moment of vulnerability and appreciation can go far in a person’s day. This has been a tough year and we don’t know what internal battles people are fighting. We are truly “in this together” – we need everyone’s support to get through this year, both personally and professionally.

As we approach winter and potential shutdowns, let’s remember to do our part in keeping employees, the community, and ourselves safe and healthy. This is the time we must set the bar for other shops or even businesses in our area. I encourage you to stay positive and not to let your guard down. Get creative and get connected as you serve your customers and support your team in the coming months. MWACA and its leadership and members are here to support you.


President of MWACA
Owner of Chumbley’s Auto Care